Swordfish Underwater Fishing Lights Directions

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Directions For Your Swordfish Underwater Fishing Lights

Swordfish Trophy Torch underwater lights, water-activated Swordfish Diamond Lights & Swordfish Magnum Underwater Lights attract more sword fish, bottomfish, shrimp and crab because they light the way with fish-enticing beams of powerful light that swordfish can't resist. It is the equivalent to moths being attracted to light. Give swordfish, bottomfish and shellfish a light source and they will instinctively go toward the light...and then they find your bait or lure, that has now become more attractive.  Fish really can see the light and in their normally pitch black environment these waterproof underwater swordfish lights give anglers the advantage of the attracting POWER of light.

Your new swordfish Trophy Torch takes a single AA battery, which lasts for approximately 16 to 24 hours continuous use, depending on water temperature and quality of battery. The Trophy Torch is made of high-strength plastic coupled with an O ring which enables you to send the Trophy Torch all the way to 1,200 to 2,000 feet! The water-activated Swordfish Diamond light uses a powerful button battery incased in clear plastic. You don't have to worry about turning your light on or off, but after about 250 hours use it will lose it's source of power. The Diamond light, however, offers portability. The Swordfish Magnum light uses two AA batteries to power several high-powered LED lights. The body is made with a heavy duty locking mechanism that enables you to use it at 2.500 feet deep. The Swordfish Magnum light uses a white light to attract fish and shrimp. Swordfish as well as the baitfish they feed on come to the light.

When using your new swordfish lights, ALWAYS twist them tight, which activates the battery and seals the unit watertight. Between uses itís recommended that you leave the light on, otherwise you might forget to reseal the Trophy Torch, which might damage the light bulb.

Unlike other underwater lights, the Trophy Torch can be used over and over again. All you need to do is replace the battery. If the bulb gets wet or burns out over time, you can buy replacements at your local Lowe's Hardware store. Always buy bulbs rated for just one AA battery. Trophy Torches with LED lights seldom have bulbs burn out because LED bulbs last approximately 10,000 hours.

Your Trophy Torch works best when placed above the bait or lure. If you are using the Trophy Torch in a crab or shrimp pot, attach the light in the center of the pot, above the bait.


Swordfish Underwater Fishing Lights